In addition to the classic menu, you are always invited to taste the dishes of
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In addition to the classic menu from Osteria Il Mostrino, you are always invited to taste the dishes of the day either for lunch or dinner, on a separate menu which varies according to the seasonal fresh produce the chef has available! Osteria Il Mostrino is part of the long standing culinary tradition of Florence, dating back over centuries: "la buona tavola" (which means good food), excellent quality produce and great wine.

There’ s more! Osteria Il Mostrino also specialises in organizing lunches and dinners for groups of up to 45 people with specific selected menus. The staff will serve their own guests attentively to satisfy their every need.

N.B. Prices may be subject to slight variations

The restaurant is open every day except Sunday at lunch time , reopens the Sunday evening from 18:00 to 23:00

* In the absence of the fresh products will be used frozen products

Cover Charge

 Cover Charge 2.50 €

Horse D'oeuvres

 Air dried Beef with Rucola salad and Parmisan Cheese 8.00 €
 Tuscan Bread with Fresh Tomato and Olive Oil 6.00 €
 Mixed Mostrino Canapes 6.50 €
 Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese of Bufala 8.50 €
 Wild Boar Ham with tuscan cheese 12.00 €
 Rucola Salad with cappers black olives and tuscany cheese 8.00 €
 Board of Tuscan Delicatessen and canapes with chicken liver 8.00 €

First Courses

 Spaghetti with Fresh Clams 12.00 €
 Penne with Meat Sauce 8.00 €
 Vegetable Soup 7.50 €
 Risotto with Leeks 8.00 €
 Traditional tuscan soup with bread and vegetables 8.00 €

Fresh Pasta Homemade

 Big tortellini of Pear and Pecorino cheese with fresh tomato 10.00 €
 Fresh large noodles with wild boar sauce 12.00 €
 Gnocchi with Parmesan Cheese, Butter and Sage 8.00 €

Second Courses from the Grill

 Half Chicken From the Grill 14.00 €
 Florentine Style Steak for two people 48.00 €
 Pork Chop 15.00 €
 Veal Chop 18.50 €
 Beef Entrecote Sliced , Rucola Salad, Fresh Tomato and Parmesan cheese 18.50 €

Second Courses

 * Big Shrimps with garlic parsley and tomato sauce 20.00 €
 Sausages with Beans 14.00 €
 Pork Filet Steak with Balsamic Vineager 18.00 €
 Florentine Style Tripe 13.00 €


 Mixed of Tuscany Cheese with Honey 12.00 €

Side Dishes

 Roast Potatoes 5.00 €
 White Beans with olive oil or tomato sauce 5.00 €
 Mixed salad of the season 5.00 €
 * Spinach sauté 5.00 €
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